Thursday, 22 September 2016

Aveiro - The last moments - on the way back to the train station - The 18th of September 2016


I strolled around the city centre admiring the atmosphere along the canals, the statues and glazed tile panels allusive to the fishing industry which has played a pivotal role in the area. I then made my way up towards the train station outside which I came across a Vhils graffitti that seemed to look the passers-by in the eye.
Once inside the train station I realised there was a photo exhibition on people whose life stories have been shaped by their skin diesases and people's reactions towards them (how odd now that I am going through a similar process of getting adapted to the lichen planus).
On another wall a few paintings on no specific theme could be seen ... but the overall feeling was one of an Art oriented space ... and why not at such a place ...

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