Tuesday, 13 September 2016

On my way to York via Porto and Liverpool - Porto, Saint Ildefonso Church façade, Avenida dos Aliados area - The 4th of September 2016

I decided to head towards Praça da Batalha and then have a look at the shopping area of Santa Catarina via  Avenida dos Aliados.

Kind Dom Pedro IV on horse back (left). São Bento Train Station (right).

Saint Ildefonso Church  which is said to have been built between 1724 and 1730 stands out because of its blue and white glazed tile façade.

I then made my way back to the hotel along the sloping boulevard of Aliados lined with grand buildings and a Central promenade, which showcased some modern artistic pieces. I was impressed by one in particular, especially after having got closer and realised what it was made of and which the intention behind its design was about.

The granite and marble Palacial building which houses the Town Hall is beyond any doubt the most impressive building in the area as it "crowns" the Avenue majestically.


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