Thursday, 15 September 2016

My two days in York - Around the York Minster area; the Dean's Park - The 6th of September 2016


As we got closer to the York Minster we realised there were quite a few people around a choir group we soon found out to be an American gospel choir. We listened to them for a while before we deiced to stop by at a caravan-café while waiting for the long queue to the Minster to reduce before venturing ourselves into the Minster's visit.

We soon decided we would do it the following day and walked about the Dean's park instead. It used to be known as the Deanary, its area originally was the secluded Minster House garden.

Seating area in the shape of  an octagonal stone sculpture (dated 2000) depicting several faces.


The remains of the Stone Archways from the late 12th century now turned into the Kohima Memorial to the British  Army's Second Infantry Division responsible for preventing the Japanese invasion of India.
(To be continued)

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