Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fla.Co.Men by Israel Galván at the great Auditorium of the Cultural Centre of Belém, Lisboa - The 9th of September 2016

I nearly missed this second to none performance by Israel Galván but I am glad I made an effort to go and see him at Centro Cultural de Belém.

Prior to having bought the ticket the month before I had checked on some of his performances in the internet and had concluded he was not only an incomparable dancer but also a daring person who having pushed beyond the flamengo boundaries was nonetheless attached by the best flamengo tradition.

"He dances alone on a bare square, scratching the silence with the lone, dry hammering of his zapateado (...) he deconstructs syntax again, cleaving the memory of his earlier pieces and captures on-the-fly figures that he charges with a new electricity. Without restraint, he delivers an eccentric maestria and sometimes irony to the rhythmic loquaciousness of a wonderful bunch pf musicians and flamengo singers. Israel Galvan does much more than dance, he creates a sparkling constellation". - Jean-Marc Adolphe

Direction, coreography and dance - Israel Galvan
Musicians - David Lagos, Tomas de Perrate, Eloisa Canton, Carafe, Proyecto Lorca (Juan Jimenez Alba and Antonio Moreno
Artistic direction and Sevillanas coreography - Pedro G. Romero
Direction and Alegrias coreography - Patricia Caballero
Lights - Ruben Camacho
Sound - Pedro Léon
Costumes - Concha Rodriguez

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