Sunday, 18 September 2016

My two days in York - Durham - Back to the Market Place square and the train station - The 7th of September 2016


We then made it back to the Market Place square where Neptune seemed to preside over the outdoor Market Place. The statues in lead is said to have been presented by Georges Bowes (4x great-grand father of the present Queen in 1729). He had proposed to turn the city into a port with access to the sea by building a canal widening the river Rear, which never happened.

We sat in the shade and had a salad type of  lunch while listening to an opera street singer who seemed to have most of the men mesmerised (not with her singing skills but physical beauty).

From there we headed down towards the river by the Framwelgate bridge as we did so we came across  amodern bronze statue depicting the monks carrying the body of St. Cuthbert (the first ever pilgrims behind the story of Durham city).It is by a local sculptor, Fenwick Lawson, whose  wooden original is now on Holy island.

Most of the seats overlooking the river on this modern part of the city were taken by workers having something to eat during their lunch time. The weather was really fine so I don't blame them for having taken advantage of those sun rays.

Despite the limiting circumstances we both enjoyed Durham and extraordinarily did some shopping on the way to the train station. 

 Rather interesting cosy garden corner on the way to the train station.

(To be continued)

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