Sunday, 11 September 2016

On my way to York via Porto and Liverpool - Porto, Soares dos Reis Museum - Paintings by Jorge de Oliveira, Augusto Gomes, Julio Resende, Lagoa Rodrigues, Sarah Afonso, Dordio Gomes, Abel Salazar, José Tagarro, Guilherme Camarinha, Dominguez Alvarez and Eduardo Viana; sculptures by Lagoa Rodrigues and Canto da Maia - The 4th of September 2016


When I walked into the Museum Soares dos Reis I wasn't aware I'd be spending the next three hours in its premises though I had some high expectations as to the artistic works being exhibited.

The first gallery had some oil paintings on display by Portuguese artists I had never heard of, one of them being Jorge Oliveira - Anguish and the days and Submersed Quietness (to be seen underneath on the left and right respectively). 

Women carrying water jugs - 1951 (detail) by Julio Resende (left) and The visitors - 1953 by Augusto Gomes (right). 

Mother and daughter - 1939 by Sarah Afonso

Market Sunset - 1937 by Abel Salazar (left) and Houses of Malakoff Paris - 1923 by Dordio Gomes (right).

Barredo - old Porto - 1935 by Dordio Gomes

Self-portrait by Guilherme Camarinha (left) and Self-portrait by José Tagarro (right).

Unknown title (left) and Old Tower in Massarelos (right) - 1929 by Dominguez Alvarez.

Tea set and toasts - 1914 by Eduardo Viana.

Head of young lady - 1953 Bronze sculpture by Lagoa Rodrigues (left) and The kiss - terracotta sculpture by Canto da Maia (rught).

(To be continued)

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