Sunday, 11 September 2016

On my way to York via Porto and Liverpool - Porto, Avenida dos Aliados area - The 4th of September 2016


Just across from São Bento Train station stood  the 17th century Church of  Saint Anthony of Congregados, whose tile covered façade is just another among the many with similar characteristics in Porto. 

A little further along at the bottom of Aliados Avenue a statue from a newspaper boy caught my attention, for not having been there the last time I had visited Porto. 

Aliados Avenue was covered in a slightly discreet morning mist which was particularly visible around the Town Hall at the other end.

As I turned into the Clérigos street the imposing façade of the crowning jewel of Porto, the Tower and the Church bearing its name memories of my adolescence surfaced.

I turned into Conde de Vizela street so as to locate the boarding House I'd be staying at (Oporto House) for the night and was soon impressed by its interior decoration and commodities. I was given an attic just for myself and despite having to walk all the way up I was really pleased with it.

(To be continued)

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