Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My half day in London - The last moments - Covent Garden area - The 8th of September 2016

My last moments were spent around the Covent Garden area before having got onto a train to Stansted aiprot and Mia having got on a train of her own heading to Wareham. Covent Garden brought about memories of when we went there together for the first time eighteen years back.
We listened to a powerful opera singer as we sat having a lasagna for lunch at one of the many outside Café-restaurants. The weather was extremely hot, this I believed being one of the main reasons as to why my feet were in such a "bad state".

Having to walk a bit further was really painful and although I knew I had to make it back to St. Pancras train station to grab my backpack and leave, there were moments in which I felt I wouldn't be able to make it. We stopped several times on the way to take pictures and watch some street performing acts, which helped me in a way but also made me aware of the sate I was in.


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