Sunday, 11 September 2016

On my way to York via Porto and Liverpool - Porto, Soares dos Reis Museum (cont.) - paintings by Joaquim Lopes, Luis Varela Aldemira, Artur Loureiro, Sofia de Souza, Aurélia de Souza and José Julio de Souza Pinto - The 4th of September 2016


I continued my visit having come across Portuguese painters, whom I had never seen any reference to such as Artur Loureiro and Sousa Pinte, whose paintings I fell for.

Boats being unloaded at the Douro river quay  - 1927 (left) and The yellow skirt - 1933 (right) by Joaquim Lopes.

Brooding over - 1928 by Luis Varela Aldemira.

Portrait of the artist's convalescent brother - 1920 (left) and portrait of Joaquim Madureira - 1920 (right) by Artur Loureiro.

The portrait of the artist's wife resting - 1882 (left) and the one of an Australian  leading figure - 1900 (right) by Artur Loureiro.

Market place - 1903 (left) and the Foz Castle - 1909 (right) by Artur Loureiro.

Sat in the corner (left) and Girl embroidering (right) by Sofia de Souza (1870-1960).

Memorial Day (left) and Self-portrait - 1900 by Aurélia de Souza.

Jezebel being mowled under the order of Jehu by Aurélia de Souza.

Sulky - 1906 (left) and Broken apple tree - 1883 (right by José Julio de Sousa Pinto.

Head of an old man -1890 by José Julio de Sousa Pinto.

(To be continued) 

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