Thursday, 15 September 2016

My two days in York - Strolling around the city (cont.) on the way to the Minster - The Churches of St. Helen and St. Wilfrid - The 6th of September 2016


We decided to head towards the York Minster area having stopped several times on the way. It was quite hot and it started being quite hard for me to walk for long periods of time due to a skin problem affecting my feet. The moments we sat at two of the churches on the way provided a further insight into the medieval churches, particularly the 11th century grade II listed parish church of St. Helen (believed to be a pre-conquest foundation having had to be rebuilt in the 16th century), as well as a temporary relief for my skin affection.

12th century font (right).

Concerts and recitals are said to be frequently held in the Church, which has the unusual distinction of holding a weekly Sunday service in Mandarin for the local Chinese community.

(To be continued)

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