Monday, 19 September 2016

My two days in York - The last moments - on the way to London; London St. Pancras train station; the youth hostel - The 7th of September 2016

We made our way to the hotel so as to get our backpacks and catch a train to London St. Pancras. We strolled around the iconic medieval city as we left the Art Gallery and the Theatre area.

By the time we reached the train station I was in pain but would fortunately have a two hour ride ahead in which to relax. We bid farewell to the city that witnessed the birth of Mia's father and especially his parents, whom we thoroughly remembered from the last time we had been there (some eighteen years before).

St. Pancras station was located fairly close to the youth hostel we would be staying at in the area named after it. 

The youth hostel looked really nice from the outside with its painted mural façade and despite having access to several extra commodities and there being quite a few strict restrictions in the hostel in regards to alchool consumption, noise in the corridors and dormitories etc. we decided that next time we would not risk having a shared bathroom type of room.

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