Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Some of the "godparents" and colaborators of the Calheta de São Miguel project ...

Under the suggestion of some of the kids in Cape Verde I have been taking photos to the "godparents" and colaborators of the project receiving the thanking letters and cards the children have sent them, the first having been the guardian of the Air Navigation Training school whom I met soon after having got back  from Cape Verde and arrived at Lisbon airport.

Filomena holding the 5 letters she received

Santa (left) with the card the boys he sent googles to sent him and Elsa (right) with the photos and letters the 4 children she and her daughters are "protecting" sent them.

Isabel (left) and Lena (right) holding the photos and letters of their "godchildren" respectively.


Carla Carreira (left) holding the photo and letter sent to her by her "goddaughter" and Luisa (right) holding the photos and thanking card sent by the 5 adolescents she sent money to to pay for the school needs.

Lucia and her mother holding the photos of the children they are "godmothers" to.

Rita, her brother and sister-in-law, as well as her parents holding the photos of the children they have become "godparents" to.

Claudia (left) and Ana Borges holding the photos and letters they got from their "godchildren" respectively.

Fatima  holding the photo and letter she received from the little boy she is now "protecting".

These are just a few of the many in the universe of  the Aiports and Air Navigation enterprise, who have proudly become "godparents" of some of the Cape Verdian children of Calheta. I feel the children are as proud as they themselves look to be. I must confess I will forever be indebted to them because of having made some children happy and  also because of having found out there are so many friends, colleagues and students I can really count on to help me carry this project forward.

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