Friday, 3 March 2017

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 1 early afternoon) - The handing out of the presents (cont.) - The 25th of February 2017

We had lunch at Nate's, which was very tasty (as it always is) but soon started the distribution again, this time to one of Nate's daughters, Leidina, who had just been back from the Carnival parade.


We couldn't help taking a photo with some of the family members, whom we have developed a good relationship with over the years, despite the fact that there were some missing.

Ângela, Cesaltina, Leinira, Leidina, Naté and Elisabeth with Noëlle (on the left) and with me on the right with Elias on the stairs.

Because two of the neighbouring girls (Lily and Silvia) who normally collect the presents at Nate's weren't expected to come we handed their presents out to the eldest girl of the family, Elizabeth. It would soon be Isidora and Iolanda's turn to have their presents before we headed back down on our way to the pension to further distribute some of the presents we had left behind.



We came across some of the village children and because some of them had just got themselves "godparents" we decided to walk back to the pension with them, as they were dying to see what had been brought for them.

If on one hand the handing out of the presents is always emotional, it is more so when they get presents for the first time, this being the case of Elizandro, Elizabeth, Alicia, Eliana and Edneia, who unexpectedly found out they both had the same "godparents". It is "painful" to tell some of the children, who hopefully approach me that I haven't managed to get them "godparents" yet, despite the fact that I and Lucia bought new clothes and toys for all of them, which I added to some which Beta, Elsa, Catia, Adelaide and Dulce had given me before.

Elizabeth and her sister Alicia (underneath on the right) who got themselves two different "godparents (one each).

Elizandro, who got himself two "godmothers" (mother and daughter)

Eliana and Edneia who got themselves the support of  Rita Santos' brother and wife.

Eveline (who unfortunately didn't get herself a "godparent" this time).

A little boy who got himself and adolescent "godmother" who will provide him with clothes and toys till he goes to school.

Jamilson (who has had a "godmother" for the last two years) with his mother;

(To be continued)

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