Friday, 10 March 2017

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 2 late morning) - The handing out of the presents (still) - The 26th of February 2017


The more I looked around the more I wished I had some more time to talk to the children as I handed them out the presents, so as to get to know more about the ones I had rarely spoken to or knew very little about, but it sounded just like unattainable wishful thinking.
Ju, Carline, Ariete and Naiade came among a group of children I would be handing out presents to for the first time and despite having known them for a few years the conversation between us didn't go much further than how is your family and how well are you doing at school.






Four young men followed and with them conversation turned out to be almost inexistent, as it was back when I used to teach them (Veinilson, Eduardo and Kevin) due to their character traits and some mysterious "aura" that has always surrounded them.
I was nevertheless expecting Veinilson to react differently particularly because he was handed a computer he had longed for for some time, but his almost sullen-like facial expression told me I was wrong in having had that assumption. I felt I'd have to explain to his sister's recent "godmother" who so gently provided him with the computer that outward reactions may not always correspond to inner feelings.


Eduardo (left) and Osvaldino (right).


The morning was finally over, as far as presents distribution is concerned when I handed out  something to a young lady who has been around since last year and whom I have unfortunately not been able to get "godparents" for.


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