Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Lisbon - Portuguese Oncology Institute - Visiting Silvano - The 4th of March 2017

As I was distributing the presents in Calheta de São Miguel I realised Silvano wasn't around and according to his brother Silas had been sent to the Portuguese Oncology Institute in Lisbon so as to try to get through the cancer that had been aflicting him.
Together with the "godmother" of his brother, Dulce, once his "godfather" couldn't, we visited him at the Oncology Institute and handed him the presents I had for him, together with a few more treats.
I was impressed to see how the goggles impacted him, because in his own words he missed the presence of the sea and that pair of goggles got him somehow "closer" ...

For all he is naturally going through an ordeal, his mother is close by and we we'll try to visit him as often as possible, so as to bring him some potential joy.


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