Thursday, 9 March 2017

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 2 morning) - The handing out of the presents - The 26th of February 2017

As morning dawned and Noëlle and I were having breakfast, the mother of an adolescent who had received a small gift the previous day came over to hand me a thanking letter and greet me personally.
It was soon time for the children to start showing up, with Viviane and Hélida having been the first ones followed by a couple of children, who unlike the sisters who have both had "godparents" for a few years I simply brought a few gifts for, not having managed to have found them "protectors".




Two, among several of the adolescents I had photographed the year before, whom I had not been able to bring anything for, were unexpectedly surpised by Noëlle who having brought with her some extra clothes ended up allowing them to choose what they wanted for themselves.

Sónia and Jéssica Ramos preceeded the arrival of Eveline Natalina, Flávio, Eveline, Jéssica Elena, Delmízia, Eliziana, Ineida, Lola and Carla Verónica. Some of them had grown so much that they no longer looked the young adolescents I had worked with some years before, with Ineida having had a small child she brought along to show me.

Sónia (left) and Jéssica Ramos (right).

Eveline Natalina




Jéssica Elena


Delmízia with her own presents (left) and with Rívia's presents (right), once her niece was absent.

Eliziana with her mother


Ineida with her newborn child



Carla Verónica

(To be continued)


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