Monday, 13 March 2017

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 3 afternoon) - At the High School Carnival dance exhibit - The 27th of February 2017

Despite having only been able to watch two classroom dances at the High School Carnival dance creativity competition (and unfortunately not one of my "goddaughters", Leinira and Tarine's class) we felt really honoured by the invitation, but we couldn't miss the ride back to Praia, particularly because we had a dinner invitation by the Mayor of Calheta, Herménio, in which Graça Sanches, my dearest friend, would also be present.

Tarine (left) and Leinira (right)

We were both impressed by the coreagraphies and the adolescents' creative imagination ... (not to mention the dance moves). We might (will have to ...) stay longer next year and hopefully be able to appreciate the coreographies of many more groups.

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