Saturday, 4 March 2017

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 1 afternoon) - The handing out of the presents (cont.) - The 25th of February 2017


The handing out of the presents continued with a little girl who didn't get herself a "godmother", though I told her mother I would certainly find her one next time.

It was Carla's turn next, who has had a "godmother" for the last two years followed by Auxilia and two sisters whom I still haven't found "godparents" for.



Elizandro's sisters

A girl who got herself a whole protecting family came afterwards followed by two girls whose names are the same - Bruna, though one has had a "godmother for two years and the other one has yet got one.

"Protegée" of family Manuel Santos

Bruna (who has had a "godmother" for one year)


And finally a number of elements pertainingto the same family (they are actually siblings),  Herber being the only one who has had a "godmother" for two consecutive years together with  Elisa, Javison and Tomas who are being protected by three different people.



Javison and Tomas with their mother

With Herber came along his cousin Ismael, who has had a "godfather" for two years and his siblings,  Elise and Neimar, who just got themselves "godparents" for he first time.




(To be continued)

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