Friday, 10 March 2017

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 2 afternoon) - Back to the handing out of the presents - The 26th of February 2017

As we reached the pension our handing out of the presents started precisely with the pension guardian's children, Mauríco and Maldini we have both grown particularly fond of once we have virtually "accompanied" them since their birth.

Maurício (left) and Maldini (right)

It was then followed by the handing out of the presents to Veinilson's sister, whom I got a "last minute godmother" for,  and soon to Nolita, Maria de Jesus and Jefferson. A mother whose little girl has also found herself a "godmother" came around and promised to return later with the child. Inbetween we handed the envelopes with money for the school needs to an adolescent girl, Ivanilde Elena and Ju which I hadn't been able to find the previous day among the hundreds of envelopes, together with the ones for the siblings Márcia and Evilize

Veinilson's sister


Maria de Jesus

Jefferson and his mother

Márcia, Evilize and their mother holding the youngest member of the family (from left to right)

Brenilton and another boy I haven't yet been able to find "godparents" for followed bebore I had to make a break, so as to calmly sit  together with three Council members, one of whom attached to the Education within the burrough, who came to see me to  discuss a few issues the actual Mayor would like me to have a committment to.


Ivanilde Elena (left) and Ju (right)

The Calheta de São Miguel Mayor Adjunt and two of its Council Members.

The handing out of the presents resumed after sometime with one young man, whose sad-looking eyes I had been particularly impressed by the last time I was in Calheta and though I didn't managed to put a smile on his face I felt the fact that he got himself a "godmother" had some sort of impact on him. He was followed by Lavínia and Jocelyne, who came around to collect Márcio's presents once he had had to go over to Praia for a few days.


Jocelyne with her cousin Márcio's presents

(to be continued)

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