Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Praia, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 3 afternoon and evening) - The Carnival parade in Plateau; the evening at Cidade Velha - The 27th of February 2017

We were given a different room at the Residencial Santa Maria in Plateau, one which overlooked the main pedestrian street and precisely because of the bustling noise coming from the outside that very much resembled a Carnival parade of some sort we walked out the moment we settled in.

We were right, it was a rather small parade by the students of the English Schools at Praia, which was nevertheless interesting to watch, till it was time to meet Herménio and Graça, with whom we drove to Cidade Velha.

The dinner gathering was very agreable with ongoing story telling amidst goose baracle pulling out, that  Noëlle had never seen nor tasted before but which she did enjoy immensely after a while. 

We were all very tired otherwise I feel we could have stayed all night long enjoying one another's company ... 

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