Friday, 3 March 2017

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 1 late morning) - The handing out of the presents - The 25th of February 2017

Soon after we left the Carnival parade and in order to make the distribution of the presents easier, with Noelle's help, I spread the presents in the bedroom according to (basically) gender, age and number of years in the project.

We set off to the harbour area with two backpacks on our backs to distribute within one specific location where we would be having lunch at. A boat was coming ashore so I hanged around just to photograph the fishermen.

Before we made our way uphill we stopped by Dona Celeste briefly, so as to offer her a neckless and some earrings together with a bottle of blessed water from Lourdes, once Celeste is a rather pious lady.

Half way up the hill we came across a guitar player and a singer, whose voice we immediately fell in  love with. We stayed under the shade of a tree just listening to a sequence of mornas before we decided we had to head upwards, due to the limited amount of time, despite the fact that most of the younger children we had presents for were still parading, as we could see them heading to Veneza village from afar.

The first girl I came across was Veronica, whom I gave a bracelet to apart from a note book from her "godmother" and money for the school needs. Malica, her younger sister was given presents for the second time, though this time they were from a " real godmother" and not me.



It was Luana's turn afterwards ... and despite the fact that she doesn't show how happy she gets whenever she is handed out something from Lúcia, her "godmother" we know she does feel happily "disturbed".

Luana and her mother

As we reached Leinira's (my first "goddaughter ever) I gave her the clothes I had bought for her, before heading to the neighbour's where I handed out the presents to Jéssica Joceane and those to her niece, Jaqueline, whose mother was very happy to have got someone to provide for her daughter.


Jaquelina and her mother

Jéssica Joceane (left)

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