Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Praia, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 4 afternoon) - Prior to the Carnival parade - The 28th of February 2017

One doesn't have to have lived in Africa to know that timetables can't always be followed ... or at least not as strictly as theoretically put forward, so we knew well that the Carnival parade might not start at three as in accordance with what had been announced. 
Noëlle and I sat at what we felt could be a strategic place and just waited ... photographing  those who passed by and I must confess we had a great time ... observing is also getting to know ...and there's no way we can equal the Africans' joyful feeling ... they amuse themselves naturally and take advantage of their "creativity" ... and "mood" ...

By four we started making our way to Fazenda until we came across what looked like a well organised group inside the courtyard of a school. We walked in and managed to photograph part of the members of that huge group. The colours of their clothes were vibrant ...  turning them into beautiful characters that would inevitably call people's attention ... even the white "doves" looked amazingly beautiful ...

We were told not too many groups would be competing once the money distributed to the few community groups hadn't been enough ... but almost instinctively I felt I had chosen my favourite group by then (without having seen the others ...) because I didn't believe it would be possible to do much better.

We got back into the streets and felt the Carnival parade would soon start ... as groups assembled and took their position along the main street ...



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