Friday, 10 March 2017

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - Day 2 (early afternoon) - On the way to lunch - The 26th of February 2017

As we were heading to Nate's to have lunch at her place, as previously agreed upon, we briefly stopped at the market place where we were supposed to meet Sandra and visit the small hairdresser's premises she rents and works at. We met Marlene instead and were quite surprised to see the limited space she cooks at for the number of customers who attend her bus restaurant. She is a marvellous lady and an equally marvellous cook, Noelle and I can't get tired of being with.

Tarine and Leinira took us to the small fair that had been installed at Desportivo where Noëlle finally tried some locally-made "grogue" before we passed the church and headed up towards Nate. 

Prior to having had lunch we handed out the presents to Elias and Lou and soon after to Sílvia and Lily who made their way to Nate's from afar.





Before heading down I stopped briefly at Jaqueline's, as I had brought a few presents for her brother.

On the way down we came across Ericles, whom I had forgotten to hand a letter to and a little boy who handed me his letter. Upon having asked him who it was for (once he hasn't got any "godparents") he responded it was addressed to me  and intended for me as a potential "godmother" of his ...

I must confess I was impressed with the little boy's smile, as I had the year before and even before reading the letter I instinctively considered including him in the number of "protegés" I have.

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