Thursday, 9 March 2017

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 2 morning cont.) - The handing out of the presents (cont.) - The 26th of February 2017


The handing out of the presents continued with the arrival of Liliane Rosy, Daniela, Nélida, Bete, Artemisa, Eunice de Jesus, Lúcia, Cynthia and Mena, who received apart from the money for school needs just a small gift as accordance with an internal "agreement" so as to leave space in our baggage to accommodate the presents of those who had never received any.
They didn't seem upset with the decision, which I feel most of them understood, despite the fact that I promised they would be "privileged" the next time.

Nélida (left) and Bete (right).

Daniela (left) and Liliane Rosy (right).

Artemisa (left) and Eunice de Jesus (right).

Lúcia (left) and Cynthia (right).


Jennifer and Sérgio followed and if  on one hand Jennifer is already used to getting presents because of having had a "godmother" for the last three years, Sérgio was astounded with the fact that he finally got one. Because I had some extra googles my boss had provided me with for the boys I decided to hand his brother one, as I felt he was disappointed with not having had his photo taken last year and therefore not put himself in line to get a "godparent".


Sérgio with his older brother.

Andreia, Dulcileide and Isabela were the next ones to receive the presents. Being used to getting presents they were nevertheless as thrilled as they always have been, whenever the occasion comes. Tthe brightest subtle-like smile of the morning came from a small girl whom I didn't get a "godmother" for but for whom I brought new clothes and a soft toy.




I was beginning to feel slightly tired though looking out and seeing the number of children sitting around calmly waiting for me to hand them out their presents provided me with the necessary strength to continue after a small pause.

Claudina, Rosana, Hélida and Elisângela came before Elise, who just managed to get a "godmother" and was therefore partly shy and nervous.






(To be continued)


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