Sunday, 12 March 2017

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - (Day 3 morning) - The handing out of the last presents - The 27th of February 2017

I was particularly happy to realise that most of the presents had been handed out and the very few that were left would soon be, as a young man I had seen the previous day going down the port came over to collect what he was unexpectedly told I had bought for him, despite not having found him any "godparents".

I had to take a last minute decision regarding the presents two potential "godmothers" (Rita and Mariana) had bought for children who didn't show up because of having moved somewhere else. Knowing they woudn't mind having those distributed to someone else I called in two children on my last whose ages were similar to the ones of the children in question and had the presents handed out to them.

Rita's protégé, Joel

Mariana's protégée

The last packs were handed out to Silvana and Patrick's father, Hélida's aunt and Leinira who will make sure Ivanilde gets her presents.

The mother of the little girl who had shown up with her wearing the clothes she had been given the previous day when we were out came over again, just before we decided to distribute a few odd things we still had in our luggage to a number of kids who  also came over to see us.

It had been a hard and long two days distribution spree added to the onoing feeling that there are more and more  children awaiting our yearly return. Knowing that it is not that dificult to make them happy against what I had told myself before setting foot on the island I took a few more photos of children I might consider bringing things for the following year. Whether it is humanly possible to do or not is to be seen in the future.

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