Saturday, 25 June 2016

Vietnamese souvenirs ...

Despite telling myself everytime I travel that I won't buy anything but traditional clothes and local jewellery I always end up buying some handicrafted goods for which I clearly know not to have any space for at home, irrespective of their size,

The main reason for buying is my love for handicraft and those who meticulously work in any form of traditional artistry. Fortunately (or unfortunately) as I was unpacking this morning I realised that this time I haven't bought too many souvenirs. 

Hmong handicraft jewellery and rag doll (left). Tailor-made traditional silkdress (right) 

Silk embroidered "canvases" with traditional scenes.

Hmong silk  and cotton embroidered bags and backpack.

Glazed tile made by a Hanoi artist depicting local scene (left). Straw doll wearing traditional outfit and Hmong rag doll (right).

Chinese astrological sign pendants (left). Lacquered bowls with local motifs (right).

Traditional Hmong paper book markers (left). Silk scarf (right).

Ink paintings on rice paper.

Lacquered box with motherpearl embedded motifs offered to every guest by the local agency (left). Lacquered painting with motherpearl embedded motifs (right).

Wooden magnet

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