Thursday, 30 June 2016

The fifteen hour English Summer course for 4 and 5 year old children ...

Each English Language course for the children is a challenging "adventure" I embark on with interest and enthusiasm. It has been quite hard to find the plastic animals and fruits I need to complement the story book and the children's songs they 'll be taught this year, as well as the required artistic material and the puzzles and games, each of which will play its role in the children's learning process.

I have finally been able to organise the teaching rooms for next week's activities and feel ready to welcome the eight  5 to 6 year old children plus my colleague's slightly older child, who will be attending the English Language course starting on Monday. 

Some people tend to consider that teaching young children doesn't need as much preparation as the one required to teach adults and that these Summer courses aren't but a rather simple way of occupying" the children ... How wrong can they be !...

I have spent a considerable amount of time devising what to do and how to approach certain  subjects (basic grammatical aspects and even  issues related to the vocabulary expansion) and the main theme of the course ... and I am confident we'll have a good time (which is also important in any learning process). 

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