Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The 15 Day trip to Vietnam - The Mandarin Route - Day 13 - On the way back to Hanoi - Dong Trieu village - brief visit to a potery factory; Hanoi shopping afternoon; dinner - The 29th of May 2016

One of our first stops on the way back to Hanoi was at the Dong Trieu village especially reknown for its 100 cm diameter flower pots, flower support seats and basins. Almost outside every household we could see a wide variety of traditional ceramics on display.  

We had a unique opportunity to see a lady artist  with an extreme dexterity as she styled a vase turning around on an electric table. We couldn't take our eyes off her ... we were literaly speechless ...

We had lunch on the way and like always it was excellent.

Before reaching Hanoi we stopped once more at an embroidery factory and strolled around its huge shop complex selling Vienamese handicraft of all sorts. Despite recognising the prices were slightly higher than the ones I may come across in the shops at Hanoi I bought two embroidered canvases and a couple of laquered earrings.

The 150 kilometre distance drive to Hanoi was a bit tiring, so after having got back to the hotel we had initially been to we were given the rest of the afternoon free to do some shopping on our own. Sakina, Daniel and I ventured into the local market where we did most of our shopping (though I didn't buy much) continuing towards the touristic area, where we met most of our travelling companions with whom we made our way back to the hotel, as we were having dinner at a special restaurant just around the corner from the hotel, where we had a marvellous dinner

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