Friday, 10 June 2016

The 15 Day trip to Vietnam - The Mandarin circuit - Day 4 (late morning and early afternoon) - Ho Chi Minh - Cholon district - the Thien Hau Pagoda - The 21st of May 2016


Commonly known as Chu Ba or the Lady's Pagoda the Thien Hau  Pagoda  is dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea and Patroness of sailors bearing the same name. It was built in the early 1800's by the Cantonese congregation and is one of the most popular and richly embelished temples in the city.

The high walls on the front courtyard are topped by intricate ceramic friezes on an elaborately carved sculpted tableau and so is the atrium. 

The giant censers were billowing fragrant smoke which filled in the air, making it difficult not only to see but also take pictures. Once inside one of its walls was covered with prayer flags - red strips of paper on which devotees write their prayers.

We sat on one of its courtyards listening to Giao's thorough information on the Chinese astrological signs and the role they seem to play in the Chinese society, particularly regarding marriage arrangements.

Had I had my camera and I would have certainly taken a lot more pictures as the ones taken with the mobile didn't come out as I had expected them to.

Lunch was quite copious with quite a few "cuisine specialties" we hadn't tried before. Even the rice which accompanied every meal seemed to be cooked differently every time. We were definitely getting "addicted" to the Vietnamese food ... 

Soon after lunch we were driven to the airport domestic terminal so as to fly to Danang where a new guide would be meeting us.

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