Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The 15 Day trip to Vietnam - The Mandarin Route - Day 7 (afternoon) - Hue - Lunch; visit to the Dong Ba market - The 24th of May 2016

During the well deserved lunch, which wasn't too different from the ones we had been having in the previous days something caught my attention though - the deseigns on the water bottles, which I couldn't help but photograph.

Soon after lunch we headed towards the Don Ba market located to the North of the Perfume river and which attracts huge crowds daily,  so we were told and I am not suprised because its stalls seemed to be overflown with an astonishing variety of goods, which ranged from fresh products (some of which unknown to Westerners) to clothing and cosmetics. 

Daniel and I couldn't resist taking a photo with a fully covered young lady on her motor cycle personifying many of the young ladies we had seen wearing significantly similar apparel (long cloak like clothes covering even her hands and a mask) so as not to be "skin affected" by the slightest sun ray because we were told that if they get sun tanned in any way it will be more diffcult to get a fiancĂ©. White skin is highly appreciated once it implies the holder is not exposed to external work, being therefore more "apt" for intellectual endeavours.

(To be continued)

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