Thursday, 23 June 2016

The latest film I have watched ...

I have been to see The Queen of the Desert this weekend and despite the numerous negative comments  written by both critics and viewers, I wasn't disappointed. Gertrude Bell wasn't exactly an unknown character to me, once I had already read a few accounts on her achievements as a traveller, writer, explorer, photographer and linguist and recently as a cartographer, archaelogist and political officer  but I hadn't read anything specifically on her love life.

This biographical film touched some of her frailties and in a way completed the puzzle I had been missing in regards to her "personal" life.

"A compelling but dramatically underpowered epic (...) Kidman convincingly manages to play Bell as delicate yet determined twentysomething, forging her way across untamed deserts, but still fragile enough to fall in love on two separate occasions."

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