Friday, 10 June 2016

The 15 Day trip to Vietnam - The Mandarin Route - Day 4 (morning) Ho Chi Minh city - Cholon district - The Giac Vien Pagoda - The 21st of May 2016

We would be flying to Danang by four in the afternoon so before leaving the Hotel I took one last photo from my hotel bedroom. The atmosphere was once more stuffy and a rather discreet smoke-like curtain covered the sky as we left. 

We headed to the Giac Vien Pagoda established by the monk Hai Tinh Giac Vien in 1774.  Considered one of the most peaceful places in the Ho Chi Minh outskirts the Pagoda is known for its collection of more than 150 wooden statues. Almost entirely dedicated to those who have departed one can easily come across photographs of the dead. in the interior which was rather dark with just some sunlight coming through small apertures placed in the roof.

As I was photographing the sanctuary altar  with its several Buddha statues of various sizes the camera button got stuck and though I tried to press it and continue photographing it soon becameclear the camera was inoperative. I strongly believed then that it had something to do with the humidity level but later realised that the "error" on the screen pointed to something graver as I checked in the internet with the help of one of the travelling companions.

I must confess that from that moment onwards I had a tremendous difficulty to concentrate on what the guide was saying let alone thoroughly look at the statues not being able to imagine myself without the possiblity of registring what I was experiencing as from the the fourth day into the trip.

I had to start photographing with my mobile phone, for which I hadn't bought a memory card and although the act of using it was against my will I couldn't see any other way out.

Note: Some of the photos shown in this article have been sent to me by Ines, one of my travelling companions who offered to help me out, as far as the registering of images. 

(To be continued)

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