Thursday, 9 June 2016

The 15 day trip to Vietnam - The Mandarin Route - Day 3 (afternoon) - My Tho - traditional lunch; visit to a coconut candy manufacturing workshop; back to Ho Chi Minh city - The 20th of May 2016

We had a rather special lunch we won't forget for some time, I am sure, not only because there was some sort of ritual associated to it but also because we were served in a kingly way. The scenario setting was appealing enough but  so was the fish  and the overall meal which led us to wanting to take a nap on the nets suspended on the restaurant pavillion close to the open patio where we had been eating. 

We had to keep on moving though if we wanted to take advantage of the peacefulness of the surrounding area. We followed Dgiao through the luxurious vegetation, of the island and even  walked on a monkey bridge which despite looking rather insecure had side protections, which some of those don't, according to what I had read. Narrow paths were a common feature of the island but the adventure-like walking tour pleased everyone.

By the time we got back to the boat we were already semi-acquainted with the forest-like surroundings. Prior to stopping at another small island, which was our guide's native homeplace he decided to show his skills at making some "jewllery" made out of leaves, which he kindly offered Ines.

We were introduced to a real handicraft way of producing coconut candies and dried fruits, which many of us bought. We tasted a few varieties and could't help buying them. Painted lacquer bowl production was also among some of the local handicrafts and because their designs represented the life on the island and the colours wre rather vibrant many of us bought several. 

As my travel companions were in the process of buying souvenirs I played with some of the local children, whom I ended up handing some of the souvenirs I had brought along with me. Seeing them happy with the colourful tops, lit up balls and plastic bracelets made me feel equally happy.

Upon having reached the fishing harbour we had left from early in the morning we came across some buckets with live fish inside and some  fish wrigling on the floor close by, which Claude believed had fallen or jumped from them. Soon after having put them back into the buckets he realised the fishermen were upset with his interference because apparently that was the way they "killed" them  ... in an slow agonising way ...

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