Thursday, 9 June 2016

The 15 day trip to Vietnam - The Mandarin Route - Day 3 (evening) - Ho Chi Minh city - Dinner on board of a cruising ship - The 20th of May 2016

Once we got back to the noisy Ho Chi Minh city bustling traffic peak hour we just had time to briefly change and get ready for a special evening out on a cruise ship, which we all seemed to be looking forward to. Once we had been goint to bed fairly early since our arrival the evening out sounded like a "novelty" in our daily scheduling activities.

The  ever changing colours of the lit up cruising ships were quite interesting to look at. Once aboardthe cruising ship we had to be accommodated at different tables, so I ended up sitting together with Candide, Ines, Remy and Monique.

Since the beginning of our travelling experience food had never been a problem, having in fact been one of the many things we all seemed to agree upon as being outstandingly good and particularly well presented. 

Half way through the dinner we had the priviledge of watching some incredible dancers as they moved to the rather soft sound of traditional music. It was also then that the ship set off from the harbour and sailed around the city. It was quite a sight, especially because it seemed a lot quieter (not to say more beaautiful) than by daylight.

Prior to getting back to the cruising ship harbour we were astounded by the skills of a young magician who showcased a few tricks, which led Monique and Candide, who were closer to him, to "officially" recognise he was really good at what he  did (had been doing).

When we got back to the hotel I still managed to take some photos of the things I had bought during our visit to the islands.

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