Thursday, 30 June 2016

The African project ...

Going back to Cape Verde is still a few months away but I have already started buying  clothes for the children, taking advantage of the current sales, once in January I won't be able to find light clothes easily.
Getting things organised is always time consuming, this being one of the reasons as to why I prefer to do it meticulously and well in advance.

New outfits for Mr. Meno's little boys.

A T-shirt, shorts and earrings for Lavínia (left). A silk dress, earrings and ring for Leinira (right).

A T-shirt and earrings for Carine (left). A T-shirt and earrings for Verónica (right).

Several T-shirts of various sizes for some of the local boys and two T-shirts for little girls.

I have been given a huge bag of second-hand clothes, which are as good as new, that I'll have to collect and sellect soon, in order to pack them with the things I have already packed, as next time Noëlle and I will try to hand out some of the clothes and toys to the Associationof children in distress and the orphanage in Praia.

May we keep on having the stamina to help others out and alleviate part of their concerns thus feeling better ourselves.


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