Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The 15 Day trip to Vietnam - The Mandarin Route - Day 14 (afternoon cont. and evening) - Duong Lam Village (cont.) - Nguyen Van Hung's; Dinh Phung Hung communal House; Phung Hung temple;Mia Pagoda; back to Hanoi; dinner; airport - The 30th of May 2016


We had  an incredibly good lunch at Mr. Ngyen Van Hung's old house dated from 1649, which we later visited under the guidance of the house owner, who led us to the old and older ancestors' altars standing side by side in the main room surrounded by valuable artefacts.

We then visited the Dinh Phung Hung Communal house dedicated to national heroes, which I was impressed by, though the following temples we visited impressed me even more, especially the 15th century Mia pagoda with its 287 stautes, 174 of which are in earthenware and are among one of the largest collection of Buddha statues in Vietnam. 

A certain nostalgia started taking over me not only because we would soon leave the country side and drive back to the city but also because those were the last moments we would be spending in Vietnam before flying back to Paris.

Back in Hanoi we made our way to one of the biggest shopping malls located in the modern part of the city, whose atmosphere wasn't too different from the one we would be at the following day. Had it not been for the traditional Vietnamese meal we had at a local restaurant and I could have easily felt I was in Europe already

We finally drove to the airport so as to fly into Ho Chi Minh and later to Charles de Gaulle airport. Our 15th day would be partly spent at Vietnamese aiports and on board of a Vietnam Airlines' aircraft.

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