Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The 15 day trip to Vietnam - The Mandarin Route - Day 3 (morning) - Ho Chi Minh city - Visit to a traditional lacquerware manufacturing workshop - The 20th of May 2016

We set off fairly early in the morning to visit a lacquerware manufacturing workshop, which I believed to be similar to some of the ones I had had the opportunity to visit in various other Asian countries. I would soon realise that it had nothing to do with what I had seen before, because Vietnamese lacquerware incorporates delicate inlays of eggshells and mother-of-pearl so as to further produce intricate designed ceramics and decorative pieces.
We watched the inlaying process for a while having afterwards wandered around the shop not knowing where to look. Even the simplest boxes and jewellery were embellished with intricately meticulous inlay work.
I bought  rather small souvenir which I fell in love with because of the carving work involved and the additional mother-of-pearl inlay work.

As I sat outside looking at a pagoda-like building right in front of the shop whilst waiting for my trip companions to come out with their bought souvenirs I wondered whether the majority of buyers knows the amount of time and dedicated work involved in this type of Art ...

(To be continued)

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