Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The 15 day trip to Vietnam - The Mandarin Route - Day 3 (late morning cont.) - My Tho - Getting acquainted with the traditions on the island and bee related products; along the Mekong Delta canals - The 20th of May 2016


We wandered around the island, which was quite an interesting experience not only because it provided us with an insight as to what the traditional houses' interiors look like and the importance the overcharged golden decorative motives and other artistic pieces as symbols of richness and life achievement but also what life is like outside the crowded Vietnamese cities.  

We listened to a couple of singers singing traditional love songs for a group of guests sat at one of the patio restaurants  before having tried out some local fruits which were cut up in small chunks or slices and placed on small plates which we savoured with local tea. 

Ines tried out the local carrier baskets suspended on a pole still a rather common way of transporting any type of goods before we headed towards another open patio where three young ladies had us try the local honey and various types of tea, not before I handed out some of the things I had taken as gifts for the local children and adolescents to a local girl who made sure I took her photograph. 

Many of us bought Royal jelley and bee pollen which are known for their medical and beauty beneficial effects. Honey jars and some other delicacies were among some of the things we also bought.  

It was then time to go on a rowing boat ride along the narrow Mekong Delta canals. We were distributed by the three and four-seat boats as in accordance with the boat capacity and our weight. I ended up on a boat with Liliane and Claude and if we spoke to one another for two or three minutes it was too much as throughout the whole ride we were astoundingly speechless ... because of the surrounding silence and canal beauty.

The photos I have taken may not necessarily convey the real atmosphere of the canals but at least they bear witness of what I saw as the rowing boat calmly slid along and among such luxurious vegetation in what seemed like a middle of nowhere ride ... 

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