Saturday, 25 May 2013

"Vestiges, spectacle primitif" by Cie Cendres La Rouge at Teatro Maria Matos - The 23rd of May 2013

I rarely engage in cultural activities during the week, unless I have no possibility to otherwise. Having read the synopsis of what might happen during this performance pertaining to the FIMFA 2013 (International Festival of marionettes and animated forms) I simply couldn't resist and although my expectations were high I didn't think they would be exceeded (at least the way they were).

I had had no time to read anything about the French Cie Cendres La Rouge otherwise I would have clearly understood it was worth watching their performances, and this one particularly as the  puppets robot-like were made from reassembled animal skeletons  and created by Alain Terlutte and Didier Cousin, who would simultaneously  be the puppeteers on stage.

The scenario setting took us through two different epochs whose "division" within the same stage area depended on the lighting design, but the biggest transformation was the one going on in the Palaeontology lab, where a female is busily analysing newly discovered skeletons, whose nomenclature seems to escape any known data. 

In a rather desperate attempt to unravel the mystery associated to their origin she lets herself go into an hallucinatory world, where fantastic things happen  which are ultimately going to unravel  a part of herself which was also unknown to her.

I don't think any of us watching this "philosophical tale" came out of Teatro Maria Matos  untouched and indifferent after this performance ...

Performance concept:
Sandrine Châtelain, Alain Terlutte, Didier Cousin and Jullien Aillet

Didier Cousin

Julien Aillet and Didier Cousin

Female actor:
Sandrine Châtelain

Lighting design:
Claire Lorthioir

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