Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Peru circuit (Day 5 - still) - On the way to Cusco - Andahuaylillas -The 29th of April 2013


Some of the images taken from inside the bus as we drove towards Cusco vaguely reminded me of some taken in Guatemala, notably those related to the burying of the dead.

We reached Andahuaylillas 'main square where the church of San Pedro founded around 1572 by the Viceroy of Peru, Don Francisco de Toledo stood, which despite catching one's attention because of its mural painted Renaissance-like façade hid behind its walls an extensive fresco decorated nave and invaluable paintings which led it to be known in the region as the "Andean Sistine Chapel".

The purpose of ideas being represented in the murals was a subtle approach to the evangelising of the natives. 

The richness in detail of the interior mural paintings of the church, many of which Baroque in style is indescribable and so is the polychrome coffered ceiling with simulated gilding  recalling the Mudéjar decorations.Ornamental borders ran along the walls displaying medallions with martyrs, among which were grotesque motifs of Greek-Roman origin. Canvases of the series on the life of Saint Peter and Saint Paul apostles above the upper walls of the nave stood out ... and a lot more that can't be accounted for ...

I was a pity not to have been allowed to take photographs (with or without flash), because similarly to what has happened on several other previous occasions one may not have access to books which justly convey the beauty of what was seen and could not be "captured". Such was the case, as I made my way to the Church bookshop so as to buy a (any) book on the church.

We stopped somewhere farther along the road to take some pictures to one of the many Inca remains to be found in the area.  

Upon reaching Cusco we checked in at the Hotel and as we wouldn't be meeting the new guide till the following day and still had a couple of hours before dinner Marie Hélène and I wandered to the closest handicraft market, located fairly close to the hotel, where we ended up buying some silver jewellery. 

Some of the sellers in it had their children with them, so I ended up distributing a few of the thing I had bought along to some of those children.

Whist having dinner at the hotel restaurant we were granted the privilege of listening to live Andean music.

What an interesting way to end such an eventful and tiring day ...

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