Monday, 6 May 2013

Quai Branly Museum (cont.), Paris - The 24th of April 2013


I continued strolling around the various Museum galleries, letting myself be astounded by the numerous variety of artefacts, many of which from countries I would almost certainly never have a chance to visit.

Funerary stelas - South west of Sumba - Indonesia 

19th -20th century Kaliman Statues - Indonesia, Borneo

13 -15th century Feminine statue -Mali, Djenne region (left). 19th century stone statue representing an ancient figure - Indonesia, Sumba (right).

Doors - Sub Saharien Sahel granary door - Baoule population, Ivory coast (right).

Keniah Kayah population statue, Indonesia, Borneo (right).

Punishment dolls - Morocco, Middle Atlas.

9 - 16th century Anthropomorphic figure - Tchad, Ndjamena region

19th century Royal anthropomorphic figures - Benin, Abomey

The section related to traditional costumes caught my attention and I spent quite a while admiring not only the colours but also the tissue textures I could get a "grip" of even through the glass exhibition windows.

Thai region (left). India - Rajastan and Assan regions (right).

Central Asia (left). Middle East - wedding costume (right).

Turkmenistan (left). Middle East (right).

(To be continued)

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