Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lisbon, The Iberian Mask Festival parade - The 11th of May 2013

It has been a week now since I unexpectedly watched the Iberian Mask Festival parade making its way from the  Lisbon Town-hall square towards Rossio in a demonstration of tradition, playful disclosure of tradition in an abundance of colourful traditional clothes from the 30 regions represented (Northern and Central regions of Portugal, as well as the Spanish regions of Galiza, Leon, Caceres, Asturias, Basque country,  Salamanca, Zamora and Alija de Infantado).

Having been to the Festival handicraft and traditional food stalls spread around Rossio Square, my brother, my daughter and I were drawn to the beating of the drums as the groups approached the square, where already hundreds of local and foreigners had gathered for the event we knew nothing about.

Photographing the parade proved to be quite a difficult task as people kept on stepping in front to get the best angle  risking being "ran over" by the those parading ..., but I guess the few photos I managed to take will forever remind me of the event visually.

(To be continued)

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