Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My "precious" students ... the new abinitio ATCOs ...

I love being with new ATCO students ... and it is not so much because we as teachers might be confronted with questions that only abinitio students will  come up with but because we ourselves do get carried away (almost inevitably) precisely due to their enthusiasm.

One does not often realise to which extent one becomes "repetitive" as a teacher ... and how important it is to be asked things we wouldn't otherwise ... it is then and only then that our "experience" as "facilitators" makes sense ... not to mention how proud we can get in the process of conveying the information and expertise we have acquired throughout the years to these future colleagues of ours.

Each student who walks into these classes is liable to become a friend and a "teacher" in his or her own right ... as we very often tend to also forget that we "learn" with and from them, as much as they learn with and from us ... though at a different level.

This particular group has been with me for almost a month now and despite the fact that they still have a fairly long way to go ... I feel (know) they will do well ...whichever the difficulties ... and challenges in their future career.

It may not sound "right" to say we have been having "fun" within the classroom ... as many people I know (teachers included) don't understand (and never will) that teaching and learning is about having "fun" as well ... fun in whatever one is doing, might it be a communication transcript or a picture description ... but this is what we have being doing ... having a less "sullen" approach whilst preparing for a test in which they will be assessed as far as their overall fluency in the Aviation oriented English Language and General English is concerned ...

For future reference ... and in case I don't get any other opportunity, here are the faces (... and smiles) of our future Air Traffic Controllers ...

May they be blessed in their career ... and may they be equally blessed for sharing such "precious" teaching-learning moments with me ...

 Rui (left) and Mara (right)

Denise (left) and João (right)

Ivo (left) and Ricardo (right)

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