Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Peru circuit (Day 6) - Urubamba Valley, Awanacancha - The 30th of April 2013

We met our new guide, Charmely early in the morning before heading off to Awanacancha. A small stop on the hill provided us with a magnificent view over Cusco, which we would be visiting two days later, upon our return from Machu Pichu.

Not feeling particularly well and having an enormous difficulty to stand up straight for too long due to a stomach related "incident" I somehow decided to divert my attention to photographing, still unaware that I would be throwing up on and off almost all day long, as well as lying down on the back seat of the bus throughout some of the Sacred Valley tour visits.

The visit to the Awanacancha farm of South camelids and its weaving centre was very interesting.The direct contact with some of the llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos turned it into a rather special visit, once seeing those animals in photos or postcards or feeding them was a completely different experience.

We were then shown the whole process involved in the fabrication of the local hand-made textiles, which I found to be very interesting as well.


(To be continued)

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