Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Peru circuit (Day 5) - On the way to Cusco - The 29th of April 2013

We had a seven hour drive ahead of us up to Cusco in which the guide proposed some cultural visits which might be of some interest, though we would have to pay for them, once they were not contemplated in the circuit. We ended up agreeing on three of the proposed four, the first of which would be the Wiracocha Temple.

Somewhere along the 390 km drive one of the people in the group started having breathing problems, an apparent low pulse, as well as convulsive vomits and bouts of throwing up, which we associated with the fact that he had spent too long under the sun on the boat open deck the previous day ..., though it could also be an expected reaction to heights as we had been warned about. 

The prompt response on the part of the guide saved him from having to be taken to hospital and soon after having been given oxygen, some coca mate tea and another reinvigorating drink he started to come around.

Amidst the frightening experience (for us all, given the way our trip companion looked) I kept on taking photographs from inside the bus, so as to distract myself and also because the altiplano landscape looked quite different from the one we had been exposed to before.

We stopped somewhere along the road to photograph some lamas and learn quite a few interesting things about them.

... and yet another stop to admire the landscape and take some  more photographs ...

As we approached San Pedro de Cacha the landscape colours changed again but we were more interested in getting to the archeological site we had so much heard of  than to pay close attention to them.

(To be continued)

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