Sunday, 26 May 2013

"Do Vasto e Belo Porto de Lisboa" (on the huge and beautiful port of Lisbon) - temporary exhibition at Museu do Oriente, Lisbon - The 26th of May 2013

I had been wanting to go to this temporary exhibition for a while not only because I have had a fascination for the bustling activities around ports since my childhood (spent just a few metres away from the port of Figueira da Foz), but also because it would be about old black and white photos, which I am also very keen on.

I did enjoy it very much, primarily because despite of the fact that most of the photos being exhibited dated back to 1917 through to 1957 I was able to identify many of the places, which still proudly stand around the actual port, having "survived" the surrounding architectural changes, but also because I came across many photos taken by unknown authors, who deserve the merit of having brought back some historically visual "background"  to the exhibit, which was made possible thanks to the Administration of the Port of Lisbon, who decided on having part of their collection of over 6,000 glass plate negatives restored and digitalised.

Fishing boats - Cais do Sodré - 20th of October 1938 - unknown author (left). Boats on the Tagus - Lisbon - undated - unknown author (right).

Fishing boats at Ribeira Nova, Cais do Sodré - 1938 - unknown author (left). Ribeira Nova quay, Cais do Sodré - 1917 - unknown author (right).

Steamship "Esperance Bay" moored to the Alcântara east pier - 1935 - unknown author (left). Ship moored to the Sothern quay of Alcântara dock - 8th of September 1936 - unknown author  (right).

"Foz do Douro" barge moored to the quay of Alcântara dock - 24th of April 1941 - unknown author (left). Arrival of steamship "Colonial" at the Rocha quay, Rocha Conde de Obidos - The 16th of June 1937 - unknown author (right).

Market along Av. 24 de Julho in front of Instituto Don a Amélia, Cais do Sodré - 1941 - unknown author (left). Street vending on Ribeira Nova quay, Cais do Sodré - the 25th of July 1941 - unknown author (right).

Cargo vessels on the Tagus estuary at Ribeira Nova, Cais do Sodré - 1919 - unknown author (left). Transporting people and vehicles on a barge, Vila Franca de Xira - The 31st of July 1948 - unknown author (right).

Gas quay, Cais do Sodré - 1919 - unknown author

Cargo transportation outside the warehouses of the Entreposto located in Santos - The 13th of July 1919 - unknown author.

Agua Acima boats loaded with cork, Lisboa - 1941 - unknown author (left). Charcoal storing, Alcântara - 1952 - unknown author (right).

Aerial view over Praça do Comércio and Alcântara Dock, May 1952 - author unknown (left). Rocha Conde de Obidos Quay and shipyard as seen from Escadinhas da Rocha - 1919 - unknown author (right).

Launching of "Mandovi" at Ribeira das Naus, Cais do Sodré - undated - unknown author.

"Cabo do Sardão" towing off a ship - 1935 - unknown author (left). Warship "Portugal" heeled at the entrance of Belém Dock - The 14th of February 1941 - unknown author (right).

Wreckage of a four-engine aircraft crashed somewhere between Xabregas and Beato - The 9th of January 1943 - unknown authors.

Hydroplane on the Tagus - The 15th of May 1938 - unknown author.

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