Friday, 10 May 2013

The Peru circuit (Day 2 - cont.) - Arequipa city centre - The Cathedral and the Jesuit Church - The 26th of April 2013


We would soon be walking towards the city centre, whose water fountain is said to have been the site where the city was founded in 1540.

The Cathedral stood there as another example of the remarkable use of sillar imposing itself, but a lot more impressive, according to my own opinion, was the Jesuit church originally built in 1573, though its present design corresponds to the restoration of the year 1650.

The Cathedral seen from different perspectives.

The 1654 lateral portal of the Jesuit Church happens to be the first expression of mestizo architecture combining the Renaissance-like style with aboriginal elements, with Santiago Matamoros holding a sword in his hand and mounted on his horse on top of the heads of Muslims lying around the battlefield. Underneath and on both sides two mermaids and some sea-shells could be seen.

Its main portal of a much more elaborate design belongs to a later date and has figures of intricately carved birds, fruits and flowers.

An absolute beauty to look at, though its interior was worth noting, despite the fact that I only managed to take one photograph.

We then had another typical meal - "Rocoto relleño" with green pepper, whose taste we all really appreciated. Very much like some Bulgarian stuffed peppers I had tried two years ago, these were nevertheless more spicy.

(To be continued)

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