Monday, 27 May 2013

Macao -" Ink remembrances" at Museu do Oriente, Lisbon - The 26th of May 2013

This temporary exhibition on Macau in the form of ink paintings brought back not only memories of my stay there still under the Portuguese regime (1998) but also the sense of peace I felt then as I wandered along those streets with Portuguese names but distinct Chinese flavour and above all the group of air traffic controllers to be, I had the privilege of teaching Aeronautical English to, but who in return taught me to love their country.

Charles Chauterlot's ink paintings vaguely reminded me of George Chinnery's well known drawings and paintings of Macao (of which I have a few copies), and though they are naturally different I must say they both "captured" the country's soul ... and the details ... the details of a multi-faceted city that anyone falls in love with (... at least I did, and so did everyone I have met who has ever set foot on it) ...


Note: Because of the paintings' glass protection I just managed to take very few photographs.

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