Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lisbon, The Iberian Mask Festival Parade (still) - The 11th of May 2013


Some of the traditional costumes were rather strange (the moss men were the most exquisite of them all), to say the least ... but witnessing those men and women strolling along the street going into Rossio Square displaying the cultural traditions of their villages and sharing them with us all ... was a grand sight.

The parade lasted for over two hours and for some of the public it continued through as the groups gathered around the buses halted in the square, in which they would be driven them back home. Many people looked for that "intimate" moment in which they could be photographed with some of those who had participated in the parade ... still dressed up (or not) in their costumes.

What a "magic" afternoon it was ...
Maybe what we all need is that "speck" of colour and joy in our lives ... to help us endure the day to day difficulties ... and laugh ...

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