Monday, 20 May 2013

Lisbon, The Iberian Mask Festival Parade (cont.) - The 11th of May 2013


Some of the groups were funnier than others in their interaction with the public, as they played harmless tricks on chosen "victims" by either "pretending" to steal their purses with huge articulate pairs of scissors, or simply going against them with their faked horses and bulls' horns ...

It was clearly noted there was a difference in regards to the way Portuguese and Spanish groups  "performed" their tricky games, once Spanish seemed livelier and more into the "game" setting than the Portuguese ..., which ultimately revealed the different characteristics we are both known for.

There were also remarkable differences between the masks, in as much as the Spanish ones looked more elaborate, which leads me to believe that Spanish are much more used to this kind of "games" or at least take advantage of certain times of the year to play them by simultaneously keeping alive old traditions.

Despite that I must recognise that the Portuguese groups made an effort to keep up ...



(To be continued)

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